Smith & Lake is a law firm dedicated to assisting individuals and children obtain fair and favorable results in family law matters. Dawn Smith and Sheri Lake bring decades of experience to the issues facing today’s changing families. Both lawyers have extensive experience working with and for Judges and bring this unique perspective to each client’s case. They are seasoned and successful litigators, negotiators, and guardian ad litems. This breadth of experience and perspective allow Smith & Lake to craft and achieve smart solutions that fit each client’s situation.Our experience as Georgia attorneys has allowed us the opportunity to represent spouses, partners, mothers and fathers facing issues from divorce to child custody to domestic violence. We understand the enormity of the decisions you face and welcome the opportunity to discuss your personal situation in greater detail to help you understand how Georgia laws apply to you and your best course of action.


To represent each client to the best of their ability, while making ethical and sound legal decisions, the attorneys and staff at Smith & Lake, LLC uphold the following core values.

Client-centered advocacy: Our firm is committed to:

• Providing each client with personal attention throughout his or her case to meet his or her individual needs and objectives
• Clearly communicating all legal options, and responding to client inquiries in a timely manner
• Offering results-oriented, cost-effective and top quality work product, focusing on creative solutions to each client’s legal issues
• Treating each client with courtesy, respect and dignity
• Ensuring the client understands both the legal process and options available so the client can make intelligent and informed decisions
• Striving always to improve the value and effectiveness of our legal work for our clients

Integrity: Our law practice is built upon an unwavering commitment to the highest personal and professional ethical standards. Our goal is to inspire the trust of our clients, our colleagues, and members of the judiciary by always conducting ourselves professionally, and courteously.

Respect: We believe that all parties to a legal proceeding, including clients, opposing counsel, opposing parties, and court personnel, are entitled to be treated with respect at all times. We strive to maintain civility and collegiality in all of our communications and interactions with others.

Excellence: The attorneys at Smith & Lake, LLC maintain a lifelong devotion to learning and professional development as part of their commitment to delivering value-added legal services to their clients. By always seeking to advance their legal expertise, the attorneys at Smith & Lake, LLC seek to position themselves and their firm on the cutting edge of the law and technology, allowing them to better provide strategic solutions to clients to accomplish their goals.


We frequently mediate and reach agreement for our clients on any number of issues, including child custody, temporary and permanent support, post-divorce custody and support modifications and marital property division. We believe that people are more likely to abide by an agreement if they have a role in creating it. However, if litigation is necessary to protect your interests, our attorneys have over 40 years of combined courtroom experience and we are well prepared to stand up for you.